Private Pilates Training (one-on-one)

Single session

$150per person

5 Sessions Package

$725per person

Semi-Private Pilates Training (2 participants)

Fees are per person. Both participants must be present to receive semi-Private rate.

Single session

$110per person

5 Sessions Package

$525per person


When you arrive for your first appointment you will be asked to complete paperwork including a health and liability release form as well as our policy statement.  Your Instructor will discuss your specific goals.  You can expect to get a light workout on your first day which will usually include mat exercises, and exposure to at least one Pilates apparatus.

Subsequent sessions will build on the foundation of your initial introduction according to your fitness goals.


Comfortable exercise clothing is recommended for your Pilates sessions (i.e. leggings, yoga pants).  If you choose to wear shorts, please wear biking shorts underneath so that your stretching will be more comfortable.


FULL 24 HOURS cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged the full rate for the session.  This includes cancellations for ANY reason.


  • Our experienced, certified instructors work independently, and directly receive your payments.  All scheduling and cancellations will be through direct contact with your instructor, and are the sole responsibility of the parties involved.
  • Each instructor sets her own fees and methods of payment.  Check with your instructor for her fees and methods of payment accepted.
  • Please choose packages carefully as there are NO REFUNDS.


  • To help us create a pleasant environment for all attendees, please refrain from wearing scented lotions, tanning lotions and perfumes.
  • Set cell phone ringers to silent.
  • For safety reasons, children under 18 years old are not allowed in any part of the studio.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.
  • All sessions are 55 minutes and run as scheduled.
  • Each instructor operates sessions based on her own policies.  Check with your instructor for her policies.

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