As we grow old, our posture also declines. We tend to tilt our head forward more and more resulting in improper alignment of the whole body. If this is not corrected; it can cause different health issues and can increase accidents due to balance issues.

In Pilates, we teach people to strengthen their core. A strong core will help you keep your body in proper alignment. This means you can maintain proper posture even as you grow old. It also helps to reduce your risk of getting into accidents due to imbalance.

All exercises should be performed with proper alignment of the body.

Pilates helps you do that.


Pilates is a system of exercise designed to bring about maximum results with few repetitions and focused, specific effort.  The system uses uniquely designed equipment which creates an unstable physical position, thus causing your CORE STABLIZIING MUSCLES to activate.Pilates is an exercise program that is kind to joints, weight-bearing, yet non-impact.  It builds strength in your body without the wear and tear of some other traditional forms of exercise.

Pilates is appropriate for everyone including the average person looking to improve general fitness, the elite athlete seeking to improve sports performance, the out-of-shape, first-time exerciser or even an individual “rehabbing” an injury who is looking for a safe, responsible personal training environment in which to recover.

The practice of Pilates brings rewards in both the short and long term.  In the short term you will begin to notice changes in your posture, breathing and the awareness of how you move.  Long term benefits include increased core strength (abdominals and back), significantly improved posture, ease of movement in daily activities and sports, increased strength and flexibility and even a loss of inches when dietary changes are included with your Pilates program.

Pilates has helped reverse natural health issues brought about by gravity, impact of running, muscle compression, etc.

Pilates is the form of exercise you can do for the rest of your life!

Discover Pilates for Your Body

  • Improved strength & flexibility
  • Better posture & body awareness
  • Reduced pain & injury
  • Greater ease in daily activities

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